Monday, July 22, 2013

No more Friday vaccines!

Friday my poor baby had to get 3 vaccines.  I have never minded getting shots myself, even as a child, but watching your happy unsuspecting infant get poked is pretty dreadful.  

Then Saturday evening, she felt hot, and when we took her temperature, it was 100.8.  Low grade fevers are a side effect of the vaccines, but what is low grade? We called the nurse hotline and they said 100.4 was the cut off, anything higher bring her in.  In being the emergency room in this case, since both urgent care and the doctor are closed Saturday.  

So off we headed to the emergency room, where they said they were 99% sure it was just the effect of the vaccines, but to make sure it wasn't a life-threatening bacterial infection they wanted to do a full work-up: urine sample, blood draw and spinal tap.  Eeek!

Since infants don't pee on demand, this meant a catheter up her.  I faint when my own blood is drawn (mostly due to a dreadful vein-finding experience six years ago) so I couldn't watch this, just had to listen to her scream.  Then the spinal tap--they tried to reassure us that it was like an epidural during childbirth.  Except that if you didn't have an epidural, and the main reason was that the thought of anything being stuck into your spine makes you want to pass out . . .this is not reassuring.  Then it took them three tries to make the tap.  

They let us go home after giving her a dose of antibiotics (through the IV) but said she should get another dose the following day, and since the doctor and urgent care would still be closed Sunday, this meant a recheck in ER, and a shot of antibiotics.  Actually, two shots since it was too much for one for her.  

So in three days, my poor baby had five shots, a blood draw, a urine catheter, and a spinal tap :-) Oh and two rectal temperature measures. She is mostly recovered, but it might take me a while.  Luckily, the fever was gone by Sunday and her culture were clear, so it was indeed a vaccine side effect. 

Lesson learned--get vaccines at 8 weeks and not on Fridays!