Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Welcome baby!

Baby arrived June 6th.  More to come later when I feel up to typing entire blog posts on my phone and/or locate a computer in the chaos that ensued from baby not waiting for our move deadline.  We are all doing well, and she is super cute!


  1. Congratulations!

    Ascendant was in Virgo at noon in central to mountain US but I do not know birth time. I can tell this:

    planet sign degree
    Sun Gemini 16°10'53
    Moon Taurus 25°15'26
    Mercury Cancer 9°24'09
    Venus Cancer 4°28'13
    Mars Gemini 4°29'22
    Jupiter Gemini 25°34'15
    Saturn Scorpio 5°36'03
    Uranus Aries 11°51'25
    Neptune Pisces 5°22'27
    Pluto Capricorn
    True Node Scorpio

    The feeling I am getting is of a communicative homebody type, very pleasant little girl and will enjoy language learning, but who is then successful as actress vamp type later in life, commanding the whole stage.

    Challenge: dealing with the deep and cthonic, how to is not obvious to this person for whom it is not a major element in personality -- but for whom it is there nonetheless.

  2. Oh, and she has a grand water trine between Venus, Neptune, and Saturn, which is very good. Intuitive person and I feel, lucky to a certain degree.

    Also very heavily Gemini, note Sun, Mars (action) and Jupiter (expansion) are all in Gemini, so this character will be very marked.

    All in all quite harmonious.

  3. Alf mahbrouk! Let me know if you need anything.