Sunday, June 30, 2013

Catching Up

In addition to moving, things I had hoped to accomplish in the week between baby's due date and when she arrived were:

1) Reviewing an article
2) Submitting an abstract for a colloquium
3) Making up an agreement for a study abroad trip
4) Finishing up the materials for an online course for the Fall

Unfortunately, I went into labor the day I was supposed to meet with the study abroad office, and hadn't accomplished the rest of the stuff, so this didn't work out.  As a result, I've been trying to fit this work (except for the study abroad meeting, which will have to wait) in between nursings, baby calming,  napping, etc.  Thankfully my mother was visiting to help, and my husband was also around (unanticipated benefit of unemployment=no need to worry about paternity leave!) so I did manage to work on these projects 2-3 hours a day, submitting the review yesterday, the abstract today, and getting the books from my office I need to put the finishing touches on the online class today.  Phew!


  1. Ya Shedding, you are a brave mama to be picking up so soon. (Granted, I went back to teaching when Mr. X was a week old--but that was just 2 classes, and I hadn't given birth and wasn't nursing.) I'm glad that your husband can do baby duty as well! It's not a bad idea to have someone who can be house-spouse for a bit with a new little one...

  2. Very impressed! Glad you have the help of your mom and husband, Hope you get to relax a bit more now and enjoy the baby!