Monday, May 20, 2013

Dance Demos Down!

This weekend was our local Celtic Festival, and I was in charge of organizing the demonstration dance stage.  We had a decent turnout of various types of Irish and Scottish dance styles.  Even better, baby cooperated and with the assistance of a pregnancy exercise belt let me do my own dance demonstration at 36 weeks, focusing on the National dances which require less jumping that the traditional Highland ones.   I'll be reminding any dance students of mine that ever complain about being tired of this feat . . . 

While I can't practice Highland like I'm used to, being able to continue teaching and demonstrating (and taking flamenco classes as well) has been the biggest relief of my third trimester, as I was afraid I would turn into some sort of immobile whale.  Instead, I get to be a dancing whale--infinitely better :-).   Four weeks to go!

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