Monday, April 15, 2013

Random Conference Encounters

I've just returned from a conference in England, where I experienced the following random encounters:

1) The woman sitting next to me at the conference dinner was from the same county as me (and the fact that I'm talking about being from a county, and not a town or city, should give you an idea of how rare this is)
2) Her colleague graduated from the same undergraduate university in the same year as me.
3) I visited the local museum, which contained an exhibit on the city throughout the ages.  For each age, they chose a particular city resident to profile.  The one from the early 17th century was a resident who set sail on the Mayflower, and just happens to be my ancestor.  I'm not much of one for genealogy, and knew nothing about this ancestor other than his name and that he was on the Mayflower, but it's a little surprising to see your ancestors profiled on museum walls!

Now, back to counting down 3 weeks left in the semester, and 8 till baby!

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