Thursday, February 7, 2013

Saved from the bound periodicals!

I spent several hours today writing a proposal for why we need intensive Arabic classes for certain powers that be.  This took me to many university websites (to show hey, all our so-called peer institutions offer  5 or more credits) whose class schedules were not so easy to find.

Of course, I also had to add in the SLA research supporting intensive classes.  Since this is not exactly a recent finding, most of the research is from the 70s and 80s.  Which means that although we have these journals in databases, these articles are not online.  As I contemplated actually heading to the bound periodical stacks (I can't even remember when I might have done this last, although I do have rather exotic memories of doing so and finding the infamous doing shots of whiskey and measuring oral proficiency article), I searched for online versions of a few more articles, and finally found a few to save me from the bound periodicals.  Now, let's hope that the combination of research and peer institution shaming techniques will be convincing!

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