Friday, January 18, 2013

Semester goals

Based on last semester, I have two goals for this semester:

1) Spend more time reading (both things directly related to research, and those that are more part of what Jonathan calls the Scholarly Base.
2) Spend more time coding/deidentifying/organizing my dissertation data (which didn't even all make it into poor enormous el-wa7sh)

Since I am only teaching one class this semester, things are a little easier, as I have more time.  This week, a decent amount of that was spend sorting out the students in the Arabic program (no you can't take Arabic 102 without Arabic 101 or alternatively if you have completed high school in Arabic in an Arabic-speaking country) and doing other things related to the first week.  However, I anticipate this settling down shortly.

Since reading is interesting, I am more motivated to do this.  The idea is to read things in my field (since this requires more concentration and notes) during the day, and more fun scholarly base stuff at night (like the 30 pounds of Arabic novels I brought back from Egypt).  For most of last semester, I was unable to read at night, as I was in my first trimester of pregnancy, and suffered from terrible evening sickness (okay, big news, I know, but I'll discuss it more in another post).  I am now in the second trimester, and suffering a bit from jetlag in the evenings, but am no longer curled up miserable on the couch at 7pm.  So, this is good news on the reading front.

Data organizing on the other hand . . . is just boring.  Yesterday, I had the brilliant idea of listening to the BBC Xtra while deidentifying Facebook pages, and that was a considerable improvement.  Still, I don't have much tolerance for this, and I think I will just have to push through.

Updates forthcoming on all fronts!

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  1. Pregnancy OMG jawdrop. Mabrouk! You bury the lede like no one else whom I read.