Monday, September 10, 2012

Academic Accessories: Book Gem

In my ideal world, all academic books would be available in digital format.  This makes it so much easier to take notes, highlight, and transfer to my computer for writing via various wonderful apps and technologies (specifically iPad, iAnnotate, Kindle, and Kindle apps).  Alas, this is not the case, and from time to time I must read a book in paper format.  Of course, I then want to take my notes digitally so at least I don't have to type them up.  Since balancing iPad and book and potentially a cat or two on my lap was starting to get a bit precarious, I decided to look into book holders, and settled for one called the Book Gem.  Behold, I can read and type while lying on the sofa!

Even better, the Book Gem proved itself worthy of handling reading, typing, and cat petting all at once!

Fluffy Basha even took an interest in my work!


  1. Very cool. I've thought about getting one too. Which ipad cover do you have with a keyboard? Do you recommend it?

  2. I have one by zagg. I like it, but didn't really evaluate other options since it was a gift.