Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Random Things I have done since last posting

  • Spent 3 hours at the DMV getting a new title and license
  • Attended two weddings on opposite coasts
  • Danced in two competitions (and winning one!)
  • Arranged, and rearranged, and rearranged the teaching schedule for the Fall (I think I know what I'm teaching now? Inshallah?)
  • Attended a demonstration of online language learning software that has real potential if a few things were fixed, but they are not and thus it is crap
  • Visited assorted family and friends on multiple coasts
  • Unpacked an appalling amount of boxes
  • Visited many furniture stores full of hideous furniture
  • Gave up on finding a wardrobe, storage bed, and china cabinet in store 
  • Ordered a garment rack and storage closet online
  • Found a wonderful store selling old trunks, office furniture, and decorative doors (only, but we needed the first two).  It also has a dance floor for Saturday night tango.  
  • Eaten at lots of tasty restaurants
  • Fit in lots of cat-snuggling time
  • Visited a lovely botanic garden
  • Turned 31
  • Found and cooked several tasty dishes, including "chicken with 40 cloves of garlic"
  • Broke up a cat-fight
Meetings start the 13th and classes the 20th, so hopefully I will get my act together in time to blog a bit more regularly!

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