Monday, July 9, 2012

Random Khawatir, Arrival Edition

After a 25 hour, 3-day drive, Husband, Cats, and I have arrived in New Job City.
--I love, love, love being able to walk two blocks to four delicious restaurants and a coffeeshop that dropped out of San Francisco after living in culinarily-challenged, car-dependent University Town.  Given that the two areas have approximately the same number of people and socio-economic statuses, I will never understand the culinary culture of University Town.  Luckily, I no longer need to.
--While on a shopping expedition, I encountered cat facial wipes in the pet section.  I mocked them, but returned home to find that Cat #1 had buried his face in the dirt on the windowsill, belying his street cat origins, and now I may need to purchase said wipes.  
--Since I have a nice job, we are in the nicest, most modern apartment I have ever lived in.  It has high ceilings, loads of natural light, and hardwood floors.  Since our furniture has not yet arrived, I can use the living room as a dance studio!
--There is green! One of the things I was most worried about moving to a desert was the lack of green.  However, our drive across uninhabited desert lands reveals that there is far more green than I had expected, which means I can live here.  It has also rained twice since our arrival two days ago.  
--It is truly exciting to move to a place without knowing that I will be leaving in X years.  This has not happened to me ever before, and it is a wonderful feeling.  

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  1. I am grinning reading this post. Sounds excellent!