Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wine, knitting, and movies

That is how I've been spending my evenings.  In particular, I've discovered that I can download Egyptian movies off YouTube, put them in iTunes, and then watch them on my iPad as I lie on the sofa knitting.  I use software called ClipGrab.  If this sounds overly complicated, keep in mind that we don't have a TV, hence I always watch things on my computer or iPad, and it is easier to balance the iPad in my lap.  If you're wondering why download them when you could just watch them on YouTube, there are several reasons.  One, I can watch them at anytime without waiting for them to stream on YouTube or have internet.  Two, I'm taking notes on clips that I want to use in classes in the future, and I don't want this version to disappear.  In fact, the original reason I was looking to download things off of YouTube was to preserve random clips I've found that I use in class, and who knows how long they will stay on YouTube.  So far, it is an excellent Summer.


  1. GIRL. RECS PLEASE. I'm certain at some point soon I'll run out of episodes of توب شيف to watch, and then where will I be?

    I wish I could do embroidery without looking, but, sadly, that's not within my abilities.


  2. Hmm, of the ones I've watched recently, my favorites are:
    رد قلبي
    أنا مش معاهم
    غزل البنات
    محامي خلع
    حرب إيطاليا

    Just don't think too critically about some of the themes . . .