Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Anniversary Weekend!

My husband and I celebrated our third anniversary with a weekend trip that had everything I desire in such an expedition:

--a dance competition (which I won, dancing in the special 22 and over group)
--a fancy hotel, complete with in-room whirlpool spa
--a superb dinner, involving softshell crab (for me) and elk (for him)
--a fancy and delicious brunch at a restaurant overlooking the water and decorated like an old Parisian cafe (and the meal involved more crab, plus French cheese and chocolate).
--a stroll along the water on a beautiful Spring day
--a visit to the nearby art museum, which had a special exhibit on French posters, plus exhibits on folk art (a personal favorite of mine)
--catching an NPR* station on the way home that had first a special on the songs of 1962 (which are also the songs of my childhood, despite the fact that I wasn't born until nearly 20 years later) followed by a show on Celtic music

Best of all, this glory was completely unexpected--who knew that Milwaukee, Wisconsin had so much to offer!

*Generally, I dislike NPR on the theory that the special voice cadence of their announcers is designed to make sure I never forget anything I hear on that station, and thus my brain is infiltrated with random NPR stories.  However, I will admit that they are pretty much the only stations that ever play music I really like.

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