Saturday, April 21, 2012

Dissertation Withdrawal

If I was addicted to my dissertation, can I also suffer withdrawal from it? This is my first free weekend in I can't even remember when (all caught up on grading/prepping, no job stuff, no dissertation hanging over my head) and I don't know what to do with myself.  So far, I have done some cleaning, mailed some forms, read a book of short stories and started another book, and practiced dancing.  This is all lovely, but I have this horrid feeling that I  must be forgetting something really important, because it for so long I felt like I would never catch up!


  1. Even as a student, I feel a withdrawal at the end of the semester, because I find myself with so much time!

  2. Yes, but the good news is that the withdrawal is easily surmounted. Reacquaint yourself with things you like to do with your time and mind, other than crank out a dissertation. Reading books for pleasure and dancing sound like excellent treatments for diss withdrawal!

  3. When you're suffering from a a dissertation withdrawal, why not try to go back with the subject. Maybe trying to remember how you finished the dissertation from thinking of the best thesis topic ideas until the publication. Withdrawal i treated not by completely eliminating the causes of addiction but by slowly giving it up and having a better diversion. Maybe that would also work best for everyone who is suffering from dissertation withdrawal.