Friday, March 2, 2012

Spring Break!

I am now officially on Spring Break, with cat in lap, cappuccino next to laptop, and foam on cat tail due to an unfortunate mix between the first two items.  Despite being in school for many years, I think the last time I did something exciting for Spring Break was when I was in high school.  In college, I was on a sports team and always had training, in grad school I was either visiting my husband long distance or doing fieldwork, and this break I will be writing the trickiest chapter of my dissertation.

So far, tricky chapter is coming along well.  Mostly because I have done the majority of the data sorting, and am working on the writing up part, which is much more fun, even if it does involved the ever annoying part of trying to combine right to left and left to right scripts, which can be sent awry with a backspace or return*.

The class I am teaching this semester is also a little time consuming (why didn't your previous teachers make you work on pronunciation, such that I could comprehend your recordings?) although thankfully not as frustrating as last semester (you want us to read texts in Arabic? and like speak in class with our own words? our previous teachers just skipped the texts, and spend class reading the vocab list out loud and having us repeat it).  So, it is nice to have a break from that as well.

* Yes, I could use transcription, but that's a) more time consuming b) harder to read c) ideologically frustrating, as I don't think arabizi transcription would fly :-)

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