Sunday, March 11, 2012

Spring Break Dissertation Writing Complete!

Late last night, I finished the chapter I've been working on all break.  When I pasted it into Mellel to do the final formatting I was surprised to discover that it was 125 pages long (or 39,245 words for those that like it that way).  A lot of that is quotes from my interviews and other data, many of which have to be translated and thus double in size.  I knew it was long, because it took forever to edit, but I didn't quite realize it was longer than some complete dissertations in my program! Thus, my new nickname for my dissertation is الوحش!

In any case, I though I was 1-0 with el-wa7sh, having wrestled him into submission a day before Spring Break ends, which means I would have today for some lesson planning and relaxing.  Alas, el-wa7sh had other plans, and went racing through my brain causing serious insomnia, which meant that when I finally did fall asleep, I slept late, and then there was daylight savings so it's even later, and now I feel like the day's over before it began.  So perhaps the score is 1-1.

But hey, that chapter's done!


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