Sunday, March 18, 2012

Out of the data dungeon

I submitted my last data chapter today, so that means one more chapter to go biznillah! I thought this was going to be a short chapter, but it ended up 60 pages, so I think el-wa7sh may need to go on a diet.  Of course this is the chapter where I have to get all intellectual and discuss what the theory means for the data and the data for the theory, etc, and yeah, it doesn't really fit like that . . . .into the theory thicket I go! (Can  you tell my brain needs istiraa7a?


  1. Hooray for progress!!! Go go go!

  2. Yay theory thicket! Just wear a stout outer garment, and you'll be golden.

    Don't be too quick to cut, unless you're also pasting. I often find that an over-long chapter simply includes a few bits that belong in some other chapter. As al-wa7sh develops, it will become clearer where each bit should go.