Saturday, November 26, 2011

Random Khawatir

1) When my Facebook feed looks something like following (and it has since last January) I feel somewhere between depressed, annoyed, and angry:

    Urgent medical supplies needed in Tahrir, call xxxxx

    My dog just barfed up turkey.  Ewwwww!!!

    Protesters pouring into the square, the battle rages on.

    We want a coup! The people and the people are one hand!

    My team won!  Off to get shit-faced.

2) Writing cover letters for a month straight makes writing my dissertation positively exciting.  Unfortunately, I can't say the same about transcription, which I have not yet resumed.

3) A textbook is a textbook.  It is not a curriculum, nor should it be expected to be one.  Complaining about the textbook is easy to do, and annoying when used as an excuse for poor teaching.  

4) Why are meals advertised as all white meat, when dark meat is so much tastier? For that matter, why does anyone choose the white meat part of the turkey?

5) I have a new kilt!  Pictures to follow soon.

6) Why are tank suit blouses so enormous? How can I wear a 00 suit blouse when the jacket is a 4 or a 6? More importantly, what do people who are actually 00 wear? Or do they just swim in the blouse? (Based on a sample size of three blouses, at two different stores).



  1. I feel you on #1. There seems to be no cure for superficial and pointless utterances by people on Facebook...or anywhere else. (I've never been much for small talk anyway.)

    Here's hoping that things work out well for our friends in the square and its allied locales.

  2. On 6, I think they wear camisoles instead.

    On 2, curious to know your view on articulated curriculum. To end endless fighting, we now have no curriculum and no common goals for a multi section, multi term course except what the textbook articulates. The theory is, we are each our own island, each our own method and curriculum, and the book glues it together. I accept situation, esp. since book does have clear lists of goals, and am about to create my very own curriculum nobody else will share, but: how do you feel about articulated curriculum for FL courses, shouldn't there be one or am I old fashioned?

  3. I feel that there absolutely should be an articulated curriculum, and that this is not old-fashioned at all. To me, the curriculum is the path towards particular goals (which I think are ideally standards-based). The textbook is one tool you need to travel this path (as well as trained and dedicated teachers, supplemental materials, good assessments, prepared students, etc). Perhaps you use an exceptional textbook, but I would be skeptical of what you describe--even if the textbook lists goals, these need to be evaluated and modified for your particular context and program.

  4. Well good, I am glad I am not insane. Textbook v. good but still. I'm also for articulated curriculum later: what do we mean when we say we are teaching culture? etc. BUT.