Wednesday, October 19, 2011


I'm waiting to hear from the school I phone interviewed with if I made it to the next stage (at this point, probably not because they were moving fast).
I'm waiting to hear from the schools I submitted other applications to if I made it to any stage.
I'm waiting to hear from Prestigious Journal if the decision on my R&R that was to be made soon two months ago is made.
I'm waiting to submit my job applications due at the end of this month on the chance of hearing good news from above journal and finishing another dissertation chapter.
I'm waiting to get feedback on the dissertation chapters I've submitted.
I'm waiting to hear if I got accepted at Major Conference.

A9-9abr Gameel.


  1. Welcome to Academia!!! Where patience is an acquired skill that most of us lack...

  2. Happily, I happen to know that you are also proficient in one of the finest analgesics available for the pain of waiting: karkaday margaritas.

  3. Hang in there! Things will work out but patience is invariably required because as Spanish Prof says "This is academia"