Thursday, September 22, 2011

Peeking out from under cover letters

So most of the jobs I am applying to were posted the second week in September, with a deadline five short weeks later.  Five weeks would be okay, but most of my recommenders want to see my application materials to help them write their letters, which means that in order to give them a reasonable time to write the letters, I basically had to produce all of my materials (teaching philosophy, research/teaching/special cover letters, etc.) right away.  Thus, the last two weeks have been pretty miserable, as I crammed this in on top of finishing my second dissertation chapter, data processing, teaching, and fellowship obligations.  I emailed everything off tonight, finished the two hours of grading I'd put off due to these letters, and will be catching up on data entry, laundry, blog reading, and everything else I didn't do these last two weeks this weekend.  Hopefully, future jobs ads will require the same set of materials that this set does, so things won't be quite so miserable, but who knows?

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