Sunday, September 4, 2011

Pants, Accomplished

Shortly before the beginning of the school year, I realized I had only two pairs of dress pants.  Since I teach three days a week and tend to avoid jeans to look older and the climate around here only permits skirts for about two months of the academic year, this was a problem.  The bigger problem is that I hate shopping for clothing, and especially pants, which really have to fit in a particular way to look good on me.  Thus, I tend to go shopping for pants only every 5-6 years, when the pants I bought not the last time, but the time before have worn out leaving me with only two pairs.

Luckily for me, in the time since I last went shopping, my mother discovered Chicos, a store that caters to larger* (but not really large) women in their 50s-60s.  We are similar shapes, so she bought me a few pairs of jeans.  I loved them.  So, when my husband and I were wandering around the tiny town where we went to a dance competition this weekend** and I saw a Chicos store, I figured this would be my opportunity to get dress pants. I got off to a false start, somehow choosing a bunch of slim leg pants (this information was on a tag buried in the pants).  These not only looked terrible on my pear shape, but were actually too tight in the calves (thanks Highland Dancing).  However, armed with the knowledge that I needed to look for the tag with the leg shape, I found three pairs of pants that fit just like my jeans, which means, happily, that I am done pants shopping for another 5-6 years!  Now, if I can just find a pair of teacherly black sandals, the torturous Fall shopping will be complete!

So, for any pear-shaped readers, I highly recommend Chicos flare leg or trouser leg pants.  It is kind of annoying to have to figure out your size at yet another store, especially when there is no correlation with sizes at other stores, but the pants are really fantastic.

*I am not really in the larger category, but as a size 8 wear the second smallest size in the store (a 0--the sizing is bizarre, but the fit is great so I deal)

**I got third! And won the choreography competition! And my husband competed in the Daddy Pas de Basques! It was exciting!


  1. I am your size and also pear shaped... and like you, I hate pants shopping because it's nearly impossible to find pants that fit and look good... so I'll keep this recommendation in mind. Thanks!

  2. Congrats on the pants, and on your dancing win, and on your husband's dancing! (He dances!?)

    You might want to browse Profgrrrrl's blog for shoe shopping hints. She has made rather a study of good professorial footwear.

  3. Hmm, I may have to check out Chico's, since I'm also hippy with big giant calves. I do well with the Ann Taylor curvy fit, and the Gap curvy fit, but often by buying too big. I also wear suit-skirts with solid tights when it gets cold...although who knows if the weather up here will permit that.

    My teacherly sandals are really old, but I remember seeing some I liked at Easy Spirit this summer?

  4. PSST: someone dropped a link to something called "Libyan Children's Song" on my latest post, which I thought I would pass on to you, who know both regional folk dance styles and a metric fuckton more Arabic than me. It contains tiny, tutu-clad girls doing dabke/the NAfrican equivalent, in addition to a CGI baby kickline. Relevant to your Interests, I thought:

  5. Merci 2awi! I'm pretty sure those babies are stolen from a dabkeh video that's also floating around somewhere on YouTube.