Sunday, September 11, 2011

Library Memories

Today, I finally got my library card for the local library (a different system than the last time I was in University Town, as I lived in a different spot).  The library is only open for a few hours on Sunday, and it was packed, absolutely teeming with children and their parents as well as elderly couples.  The parking lot was full, something almost unheard of for this excessively car-friendly part of the country unless there is a football game.

My library growing up was never packed (well, unless you count it's bookmobile days, when five was a crowd), but I did spend a great deal of time there as a child.  Getting my first library card was one of the happiest days of my life, although there was some difficulty afterwards when I wanted to check out fourteen books for a four-week period, and the librarian didn't believe I would read them all.  (As usual, not only did I read all of them, but also all the books my brothers checked out).  Then I ran out of books in the fiction section of the library, and had to beg my mother to go to the district library instead of the local one.

In these days of Amazon and my Kindle, the well-worn pages of library books tend to look a little dingy, and I am snarkily judgmental of exhibits like "we are all multicultural!".  But still, if I believed in Heaven, I believe it would look just like a public library.

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  1. The county (though not the city) I live in is fairly conservative, in a don't raise my taxes kind of way. The library system in the county is one of it's gems, widely recognize among the best in the country. Last year, with the State budget cuts, it was the first time in history the library put a tax levy on the ballot (raising property taxes a small percentage to offset the cuts, which would have been devastating for the system). The levy passed with 73% of the votes supporting it. Republicans and Democrats alike voted for if. It gave me some renewed faith in humanity.