Monday, September 12, 2011

First day of dance class!

Scottish Highland classes started today.  I'm teaching one day a week, and this was my day to teach.  I will have four classes this year: Primaries (dancers under 7), Beginners, a Stamina/Strength/Core/Stretching training class, and finally ending with Novice/Intermediate level dancers (a competitive level up from beginner).  Day 1 is over, and I am exhausted.  The training class is pretty exhausting on it's own, but I also have to do a lot of demonstrating in the other classes.  Not to mention teaching 3-8 year olds is like herding cats.  At least my cats follow freeze-dried salmon treats.  Any ideas on what the 6 year old equivalent of freeze-dried salmon is?  Nevertheless, I'm satisfied.  I love Highland, and I love teaching dancing, especially after a day of disserating.  Some people might see hobbies as a distraction, but I truly believe that I am a better academic because I dance, and a better dancer/ teacher because I'm an academic.  They are complementary, rather than contradictory, and I am trying my best to work out my life such that I never have to give up one for the other (something of a geographical challenge).

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  1. Candy? JK

    I do think its fascinating that I know a sizable chunk of academics who teach ------ (yoga, pilates, underwater basket weaving). I cannot imagine wanting to teach more than I do. I like being the student instead :)