Sunday, August 28, 2011

Pet "Sympathy" Cards

My dance teacher's  husband died recently (Allah yar7amu) and the visitation was today.  I stopped to get a card at the grocery store (sadly it was also dorm move-in day, apparently, so the place was crazy).  Cards are organized by category, but I couldn't find a "death" or "funeral" section.  Hmm, what else would this be called, I wondered.  Condolences? I couldn't find that either.  Finally, I realized that since I definitely wasn't looking for a birthday, anniversary, holiday, wedding, baby, thank you, or blank card, it must be the "sympathy" section.  Granted, I am at the point in life where I go to more weddings than funerals, but this seemed a little overly euphemistic to me.  As I looked through the cards, trying in vain to find one that wasn't full of nauseatingly maudlin verse, I noticed one with paw prints on it.  I pulled it out.  It was, indeed, a sympathy card for the loss of one's pet.  In fact, there was a whole section of pet sympathy cards.  Now, I love my cats dearly, and will be beyond distraught when they die.  But a pet sympathy card? Really?


  1. I tend to do blank cards and write notes.

    However, I'm not sure if I would send or want to receive a pet sympathy card. And I love my cats a lot.

  2. I did appreciate the cards I got from the vet (and our chiropractor, oddly) in the few days after our cat died. Part of that might have been that he died after a yearlong illness, so it was the end of a huge process. I am surprised there was a selection of them, and in a grocery store at that.

    I wish we still used the word "bereavement." Much better than sympathy. One can be sympathetic in so many circumstances...