Monday, August 22, 2011


Today, I was supposed to meet someone to try on a used dance jacket that I think will fit me, but wanted to try on first.  She was passing through a town about two hours away (closer than going to her) so I agreed to meet there.  Because we only have one car, I had to drop my husband off at training, so I arrived half an hour early.  Forty-five minutes after our appointment, she still wasn't there, so I called.  She texted me that she was coming through tomorrow, not today.  Whoops.  I was annoyed at myself, because usually I'm pretty good about remembering dates and stuff.  I get home, and check my email--sure enough we're confirmed for August 22, which is today, unless all of my electronic devices are wrong (but I even checked the paper calendar too!).  So now I'm annoyed at her for making me lose five precious hours of my life and not sure what to do.  I also got sunburned from sitting in my car that long with the window open.  Do I ask for a discount on the jacket? Ask her to go out of her way to meet me closer? Oh, I'll never get those five hours back!

As I was driving back, I got a call on my cell phone: Are you coming to the curriculum meeting? What meeting? I asked, thinking, gosh did I get two things wrong on the same day? I'm really losing it.  This time, there was in fact a meeting, but the organizer forgot to tell me about it.  Which is annoying, because I had some things I wanted to make sure happened, so now I will just have to hope that other people made sure they happened.


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