Monday, August 8, 2011

FLTA Tour Guide

My university hosts one of the orientations for Fulbright TAs, and I agreed to help with some activities.  The first one was giving a campus tour today.  We were supposed to wear a university t-shirt and take the FLTAs to six different sites on campus.  Despite the fact that I am going into my 5th year at this university, I apparently do not own a university t-shirt, nor even a shirt in the appropriate color.  I had also been to only one of the tour sites (the library) so I had to get up extra early to figure out where the rest were (my campus is very large).  Apparently graduate students who spend two years doing research abroad are not the best tour guides.

On the other hand, having some practical experience of these matters, I did manage to point out easily overlooked but ridiculous/fascinating aspects of American campuses that were new to the FLTAs and they were eager to take pictures of, such as pedestrian cross-walk buttons, numbered bus stops, recycling containers, and squirrels.

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