Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Teaching Dance

My dance teacher has been dealing with a family illness, so I filled in for her yesterday and today, and will perhaps be doing the same tomorrow.  It's meant at little more time dancing and a little less dissertating, but when have I ever complained about that? :-)

One of my dreams is to someday have my own highland (and possibly dabkeh) studio.  I've been a certified Highland teacher for years, but I move too often to make setting up my own studio feasible--it's hardly fair to get a group interested in Highland, and then desert them when there is not another teacher in the area.  I'm also a judge for highland dancing, but you can't judge when you are still competing.  Again, I'm hesitant to start judging because I move so often that it makes it difficult to let anyone know what city they'd have to fly me out of six months from now, which makes it difficult to commit to a judging job.  Also, I can always show up and dance at a competition, but I can't just show up and judge.  So basically, I'm afraid that if I started judging now, I'd end up cut off from Highland because I'd move somewhere and not be able to judge and have no students. 

So instead, I've become an old lady competitor, the nearly 30-year old dancing in the 16 and over category.  It's still fun, and my legs can still manage (albeit with increased pain) and I'm still improving my technique.  But, on days like today, when practicing makes my calves burn and I can teach instead, I long for my future imagined studio!

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