Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Why I hate AC

It is over 100 degrees Fahrenheit (37 degrees Celsius) here in Summer Town and predicted to be so for the next week or so.  Yet for some unknown reason, our office building has the AC set at 65 degrees Fahrenheit (18 Celsius).  I realize that not everyone like the heat as much as I do (90 + ahlan wa sahlan).  But I now have a cold, even though it is 100 degrees out, and I blame this entirely on the temperature change.  I am also subject to odd looks from the Starbucks cashiers/customers when I am the only person ordering a hot drink because I am freezing in my office.  Needless to say, extra motivation to sleep when you need to be grading homework drills is not needed.  Nor is feeling crappy and sniffling while teaching.

Actually, there are many other reasons why I hate AC.  I grew up in a hot and humid climate without it (our house was old) and got used to using fans and open windows and sleeping on the porch to cool off instead.  AC makes the air feel stuffy to me*, and I just want to open all the windows, or turn on the fan, or just be able to smell the air.

To make things worse, the apartment I'm subletting doesn't really have windows I can open.  Stuffy AC is definitely better than no circulation, so I have to use it here too.  I have it set at the much more reasonable temperature of 85, but it is still annoying.

Okay, back to sniffling and grading.

*Heat also makes the air stuffy, but I hate being cold.  


  1. I feel you. It's hard to imagine right now, but in fact the residents of Summer Town are generally maniacs about climate control in general. Winters aren't generally very harsh at all there, and yet people frantically dial up their heating as soon as a pleasant briskness develops in the air. I remember visiting a friend's house there in a very mild winter, and almost dying when I walked in: she had her thermostat set UP TO 85. When I asked why the hell she would do such a thing, she said, "But it's COLD out now!" like she was living in the Arctic.