Thursday, June 2, 2011

Start of the Summer Session

Well, I've moved yet again, this time to Summer Town, where I'll be teaching for the first summer session at Swanky New Program.  This is a new program for me, but well, let's just say the loghatelba7th teaching world one is a small one, so I have a pretty solid core of friends in Summer Town.  Actually more than in University Town, but hey, I love my language more than my field.

I'm subletting an apartment from another grad student.  However, this grad student clearly has an interest in interior decorating, because the apartment is really nicely painted/furnished/etc.  Like perhaps my apartment would be if I didn't have to consider the moving potential of every purchase.  However, this apartment appears to lack any sort of coffee maker, which I of course didn't discover until I returned from shopping.  This will have to be remedied.  On the plus side, one of my best friends just moved into the apartment above this one, and so we are currently working on our syllabuses while sharing wine and cheese.  3azeem.

We had teacher orientation today, which as usual had it's highs and lows.  Highs included a presentation on strategies to give students with different learning styles that went beyond the standard inanities of this type of presentation and watching the some of the new videos (which are in a dialect that I like the sound of, but find it hard to take seriously--ah, the acquisition of language attitudes!) Lows included the learning styles person telling us we should make sure to assess students in written and oral forms (um, it's a language class, what else would you do?) and a mind-numbing discussion on how many absences a student has to have to fail, and what counts as an absence, and what about tardiness, etc.

Overall though, it's shaping up to be a fulfilling session in terms of teaching and learning.  Isa, it will be!

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  1. Have fun teaching! If you want any recommendations on good places to eat in Summer Town, and you don't trust those loghatelba7th-addled friends of yours to steer you right, you know how to reach me. ;) At least I trust them to lead you to felicitous watering holes.