Friday, June 10, 2011


Today was marvelous.  Primarily because I no longer have a cold, and one of the few redeeming values of having a miserable cold in 100 weather is that feeling normal again feels awesome.  We also finished the first week of classes, and wine, cheese, chocolate, film, and friends constitute the agenda for tonight.  Normally I am not a film sort of person, but the student I'm subletting from studies film, and he has quite the collection.  The only drawback is that he has a small picture consisting of shots from the shower murder scene in Psycho hanging next to the shower.  So, I get a bit scared getting into the shower and have had several dreams in which I wake up just before being murdered in the shower.  All from these pictures, since I haven't seen the actual movie, being completely unable to watch any sort of horror movie.

Class is going well, although I was pretty much on autopilot while sick.  Luckily nothing terrible happened--there is nothing quite so challenging as trying to lean over a group to hear what they're saying while at the same time trying not to breathe/drip snot on them.  In desperation, I even took cold medicine, which I normally avoid because I dislike medicine.  However, since the last time I took cold medicine I was in baladelba7th, I was just reminded how pathetic over the counter medicine is here compared to there.  There, you take the medicine, you feel great.  You know when it's time to take it again because that's when you start feeling crappy, right on that four hour mark.  Here, I couldn't even tell the difference.  I just felt crappy all the time.  The night stuff didn't even put me to sleep, so I just lay in bed awake and miserable.

This weekend, I should really get back to working on my dissertation, which pretty much fell by the wayside between the first week of classes and being sick.  But first, nabeez wi shokolata!

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  1. Nabeez? Hmph. A few weeks back home, and already your loghatelba7th is taking a northeastern turn.

    The shower picture is hilarious. Your (sub)landlord has a warped sense of humor. Perhaps you could just carefully remove the picture from the wall and stash it behind a bookcase or something? Leave him a note saying, "Had to hide picture. Nightmare-inducing."