Saturday, June 4, 2011

Random notes from Lesson Planning

  • I love lesson planning because there is a weekly plan with particular slots I have to fill.  Perhaps I should take a lesson from this for my dissertation.  If only I understood Bourdieu like I understand af3al at-tafDeel and weak verbs.  
  • Google docs, I love your collaborative opportunities, particularly the chat function for those viewing a doc.  But why on earth do you not support right to left tables, when you support right to left text? Do you know how tired I am of writing a document in one program, saving it as pdf or word to print off another computer, and having two or three times as many documents as I need on my computer? My hard drive beseeches you.  
  • Microsoft, my swearing vocabulary is not high enough in any language to express my thoughts about you and your complete lack of RTL support for Macs.  Let's just say that if you were a leather sofa, I would not only let my cats loose on you, I would sharpen their claws.  
  • One of the reasons I love language teaching is that I get to spend hours browsing YouTube, blogs, and the rest of the net searching for authentic materials and it counts as work!

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