Sunday, June 5, 2011

And the job market begins!

Yes, I just found the first ad for a t-t job I could apply for in the Fall for Fall 2012 in my inbox this morning.  Isn't this a little early? It's kind of freaking me out, even though the application is due at a normal time (October).  It's also for a program that I applied to for my PhD program, got into, and then went elsewhere.  I wonder if they remember this type of thing, and if it counts for or against you.  Specifically, do I acknowledge or avoid this in my cover letter? This is actually a really pertinent question for me, because there are not all that many programs that do what I do at the graduate level.  So, applying to positions that involve teaching graduate students in my specialization (as opposed to introductory or loghatelba7th courses only) would almost have to be a position at one of the five programs that I was accepted to and went elsewhere.  I haven't given a lot of thought to this previously as what are the chances of one of these five schools having a position open in a given year? Apparently, larger than I thought.

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  1. I cannot imagine why you would mention anything like "So, I got accepted to your program, then told y'all to suck it and went to a better one." Leave grad school applications out of this matter! That was then, this is now, and you are applying for an entirely different thing. Focus on your expertise and your research, and how you will make the program to which you apply so much more awesome. The whole matter of where you applied for your own training is just water under the bridge.