Monday, May 16, 2011

Weekend Highlights

This weekend my husband and I took a trip to attend a dance competition at a lovely park several hours south of here.  We stayed in a small town, with a main street, and shop fronts, and all that sort of stuff, which was quite fascinating.  My husband has only lived in big cities, and I have only lived in big cities and places where we identify our origin by county, not town.  So this small town, full of people walking, sitting on the porches/sidewalks, and saying hello to everyone who went by was quite fascinating, although I'm not sure how it's economically viable.  To get to this small town we drove past a number of billboards telling us that "Jesus never fails" and "Everything you need to know is in the Bible".  As my husband remarked, it's really quite sad that some people in the town probably think baladelba7th is full of terrorists and some people in baladelba7th think people in this country are running around sleeping with everyone and shooting each other--they have so much in common--God, sitting on the sidewalk and gossiping/chatting with your neighbors, etc.  I mean, what evangelical Christian father would not want his daughter to date someone who thought their first "date" should be a family dinner, and who would make sure to never be alone with his daughter in order to preserve her reputation, and who would consider it his God-given duty to provide for her and their children after marriage? Forgive me, the stereotypes here are just too tempting to resist playing with.

The dance competition was a bit rainy, but otherwise good--I placed fourth in two dances, which was exciting as there were about 15 dancers I was competing against, and they only gave out four places.  Of course the dances I placed in were the dances I danced badly, but these things happen.

Yesterday, we went to visit some relatives.  They happen to live near the closest Ikea (a little over an hour from us) so we went shopping.  Building furniture later that night, with feline assistance, we discovered that a piece on one of the nightstands we bought was cut the wrong size.  The thought of driving all the way back to exchange it was daunting, so my husband called and they agreed to Fedex us the faulty piece.  Go customer service!

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