Monday, May 23, 2011


This weekend was a busy one.  I flew home for a dance competition Saturday, birthday party Saturday night, and another competition on Sunday.  The competition on Sunday happened to be the regional qualifiers for nationals in my home region (I can't dance in my school region even though I'm currently living here, as I haven't been here for the last six months).  Generally, the top three dancers from the region represent at Nationals.  However, they also give byes to the top three dancers at Nationals from the previous year.  Two of these dancers were in my age group, so five of us went, and I placed fifth.  Due to all of my moving/revolution craziness, I didn't actually know that there were two byes (I thought there was only one) so I was quite surprised to first of all get fifth, and second be going to Nationals.  I guess there are advantages to dancing instead of dissertating after all!

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  1. Congrats on qualifying for nationals! This stuff seems to involve a lot of vocabulary that I don't know. They give "byes" to people? Somehow, I envision this as a euphemism for someone saying "Buh-bye" before shooting the dancer execution-style. I'm nearly certain that this is not at all what you mean.

    And yes, I *did* have disturbing dreams last night! Why do you ask?