Friday, May 27, 2011

Awal Gomla!

The first sentence of my dissertation is complete.  Actually more like the first paragraph, which is pretty exciting because I've been putting of the actual writing for a while.  I have been working, on both analyzing data and arranging my technology for the writing process (more on this later), but I haven't been writing.  Finally, I decided that even if I wasn't done analyzing, there were still parts I could write, and so I should get moving, as I'm hoping to graduate in May, which means I really need to be done with my first draft by November or December.  This is doable, but I need to focus, and possibly spend a little less time dancing.

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  1. Mabruk! The first paragraph is the hardest, sometimes.

    I have to admit, as someone who has been writing since, er, 2009, the idea of doing all the writing in a year has been throwing me--but then again, I bounced back and forth between collection and writing, so I had a weird plan.

    Dancing is a good distraction, though. I've taken up needlework just as I've started thinking about revising my final draft. Hobbies are useful at times like this...