Saturday, April 2, 2011

Khawatir fii a66ayaara

I think a lot while traveling, partially because I like making up stories about the strangers a round me, and partially because I often use the time I'm stuck in the airplane to think about and analyze my own life, and plan the things I want to do.  So what am I thinking now on the plane?

The guy sitting next to me is headed to visit his German grandmother for a two week vacation, during which time he also hopes to promote and test out the travel app he's developing in the hopes of being able to quit his sales job and well, you know, travel to "discover himself".  Instead he will fall in love with his co-worker who has had a secret crush on him for years after his grandmother points out her merits to him.  

 I love love love my iPad.  It does almost everything I could ask of it (except transcription and serious data analysis) and yet fits in my bag/under my arm like a book, so I can take it everywhere.  I thought I did a lot of reading before, but now I can read anything (books, PDFs, blogs, internet) anywhere, even in loghatelba7th, which was the downfall of my kindle.  Not to mention my flashcard app, annotating what I read, listening to music and podcasts, and watching movies.  Or simple note which lets me keep track of my random khawatir and field notes.  Or plaintext, which jut let me write a fellowship essay without having to pull out my computer.  Now granted, I could probably do all of this on a netbook of some sort, but the touch table format is pretty nice.  It sort of feels like I'm underlining and highlighting by hand, which is something that I do miss a bout digital formats, although I'm willing to give it up for the ease of digital searching.  

I'm not sure how much actual research I'm going to accomplish in baladelba7th, but I do intend to have fun.  

I've been flying Lufthansa through Germany a lot recently, and the flight attendants always address me in German, or if I'm reading in English, a mix of German and English.  I have some German ancestry, but I don't really resemble that side of the family, nor do I speak any German.  It's quite the contrast to baladelba7th where no one ever addresses me in loghatelba7th unless I speak first.  

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