Friday, April 29, 2011

First Competition Back

Tomorrow, I will dance in my first post data collection folk dancing competition.  I'm excited as it's my hometown competition, the one that got me into this dancing seventeen years ago, but at the same time, a little worried because I strained my calf muscle right after returning from baladelba7th and it's been acting up ever since, so I'm not actually sure I can make it through all the dances.  I did go to the doctor, but since I'm back in University Town, I have to go to University Clinic, which tells me helpful things like "your calf muscle hurts because you use your calf to jump" and prescribes lots of painkillers and muscle relaxers (although I did finally convince them to prescribe physical therapy too, which I will start next week).  It figures that when I finally beat my achilles injury, I hurt my calf, just when I have the opportunity to start dancing again.  Ah well.

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