Saturday, April 2, 2011

El 3awda

It's good to be back.  There are many things that annoy me in baladelba7th (like the constant mozza 3asal etc) but I did miss it, particularly after being wrongly forced to leave under terms that were not mine at all.  In some ways, things seem exactly as they were when I left. In other ways, not at all: people are discussing politics left and right, and every song on the radio is a revolutionary anthem of some sort.  

I've missed loghatelba7th too.  When I'm out of baladelba7th, I read things in loghatelba7th and watch movies etc, but it's just not as fun as eavesdropping on other people's conversations (which is one case in which it is excellent that people assume that I couldn't possibly speak loghatelba7th).  Especially now that those conversations are about something other than football and children.  

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