Wednesday, March 2, 2011


My fellowship still will not let me return to baladelba7th, although plenty of other programs have returned. Nor will they give us any money to use outside of baladelba7th, even though it's been a month since we went on hiatus.  In the meantime, my research is ruined, which I guess means I'm now at the writing stage of my dissertation.  Although I kind of need my university's library for that and I can't afford to move there.

The specialist had nothing to say about my achilles other than that it is damaged, which I already knew.  All of the treatments he suggested I'd already found on the internet.  He watched with horror as I demonstrated the type of folk dancing I do, and confirmed that yes, that would indeed lead to achilles injuries.  He said my choice is to stop folk dancing or have surgery in my sixties.  I'll take the surgery in my sixties, as by then I won't be able to folk dance anyway.  So I can dance, but there's nothing I can do to make my achilles feel better that I'm not already doing.

I find myself wishing for my college kick-boxing class.  A combination of punching and bouncing, it was a fantastic way to get out my frustrations, which at that point in life were mostly with the boys I liked who ignored me and the boys I didn't like that I hooked up with.  Now, despite the fact that the bouncing wouldn't be good for my achilles, and I'm a pacifist, it sure would be nice to imagine certain fellowship authorities on the receiving end of my punches and kicks!


  1. It's actually embarrassing that your fellowship administration has behaved this way. I know they have their rules and everything, but this is very clearly an exceptional situation. Are they doing this to everyone on the fellowship, or just you?

  2. They are doing this to everyone who is on my exact fellowship, although some of the others can switch to a secondary country early or have other fellowships they can return on. No one is quite as screwed over as me as their research isn't as time sensitive either.