Monday, March 7, 2011

Moving On

Although the various inept bureaucracies that run my fellowship keep passing the buck to each other, it looks as though it will be suspended for at least another month, for a total of two lost months of funding.  Contrary to popular belief, graduate students do not in fact stop existing (or eating, or feeding their cats, or paying rent on their baladelba7th apartments) when their funding is suddenly cut off, so this is rather stressful.  At this point, my research is shot as well, so the only reasons I have to go back to baladelba7th are personal.  These are pretty important to me, but it's an expensive ticket (1000 curses on the inept bureaucracies that manipulated me into leaving, and myself for believing they told the truth).    

So, today I finally admitted that I will never get my research back, and that it's unlikely I'll get any of my remaining four months of funding either.  I started looking at apartments near my university, a place I concocted this entire two-year fieldwork plan to avoid.  Sigh.  I'm not sure I can even afford to move there, but I simply refuse to let my life be dictated by inept bureaucracies bent on ruining my life.  While I desperately want to be in baladelba7th, I do have other interests, namely my folk dancing.  My achilles seems to be on the mend, so I can full on throw myself into practicing, and perhaps even return to competing.  There's probably nothing like frustration to give me the furious bursts of energy necessary to do this type of dance.  

So I guess what I'm saying is prepare to hear more about dancing, less about research (minus the inevitable transcription that unfortunately can be done anywhere).  

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