Thursday, March 17, 2011


I've just returned from a few days of apartment hunting in University Town.  Yesterday, I signed a lease until July of 2012, which is when I hope to finish my dissertation, and my husband and I will likely be moving in next week.  I'm excited to see my friends, go to dance class, and start writing, but it's hard to realize that I will not be going back to baladelba7th for the three remaining months of my fellowship*.  I will be going back for two weeks in April though, whether my fellowship allows it or not.  Someday, perhaps I will write out the whole story of how I was unnecessarily screwed over on this blog, but at the moment I can't really deal with thinking about it.

I loved being back in dance class though, and I think that dancing is what I am going to dedicate these three months to.  After all, my time is completely my own now, and I fully intend to spend it on things I love, particularly when these things take my mind off of the fellowship mess.  Transcribing just makes me think of all of the data I will be missing, and how my dissertation will not be as good as it could be due to the mess.  Same thing goes for reading academic articles, or really anything to do with my dissertation.  So dancing it is--and the townhouse I just rented has a basement I can dance in!**

*Unless I go back in Fall 2012, which means an extra year of grad school, not something I'd really be thrilled about either.

**University Town is not a place I care much for, but one advantage is does have is too many rentals for too little people, which leads to prices that are often cheaper than baladelba7th and hence my townhouse rental.

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