Monday, February 21, 2011

Khawatir 3ashwa2iya

1) The conference I was lucky enough to attend was one of the best I've ever been to, despite (or maybe because?) it was a grad student conference.  I got to see lots of old friends, and make new ones.  I was able to reflect on two things to which I devote a lot of unresolved wondering: the tension between my discipline and geographic area and my love/hate relationship with literary studies.  At some point, when I can tear myself away from following the revolutions, perhaps I will write on these topics.  

2) During the career workshop, many pointed out that our career opportunities, regardless of our discipline, were likely to be based on our ability to teach languages, particularly loghatleba7th.  This is something I was smart enough to realize before starting grad school and have thus pursued in spite of my department being less than supportive.  It is also something I have complained to my department about constantly, and now I feel vindicated.

3) I've started a series of murder mysteries that takes place in my home state.  Randomly, the one I started on the plane home from the conference takes place in the city the conference was held in.  SuDfa!

4) Due to a lifetime of reading and side stories (yet another topic for a future post) I got distracted by my current mystery and left my carryon suitcase at the airport Starbucks, realizing it only when boarding for my next flight started.  Luckily, I had time to sprint back to the Starbucks and back again, and my suitcase was still there, and I made the flight.  For assorted reasons, I often end up sprinting through airports, and I always think I should take up running to make it easier  on myself.  Of course, I don't like running.  It is also bad for my achilles (and this is in fact the second or third airport sprinting session that has reinjured it).  So I'm not inclined to waste precious achilles energy on something I dislike, even if it would be useful for my airport sprinting sessions.  

5) Although my fellowship coordinator was not on vacation last week, she still did not see fit to reply to my emails, and today is a holiday.  I also know that she did not reply to other fellows who asked questions.  A. yakhrab beytha!

6) Meanwhile, there is truly appalling news to catch up on, although I can't help hoping for the best as I recoil at the worst.  Rabbina yus6or.  

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