Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Yom el-ghaDab

Recent events are making it difficult to concentrate on research, although not living especially near the action, I am glued to my computer for updates.  My natural optimism and my natural cynicism are very much at war.  I desperately want things to be better here in baladelba7th and I believe in change.  But, it's hard, and there's so many things that need fixing.  Mostly though, I'm worried about all the hopeful faces I saw yesterday.  I want to continue watching them fill with hope.  I don't want to watch them be crushed--literally or figuratively.  Atawakkil 3alallah.  

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  1. I was on a train yesterday when it all went down, so am seriously behind on what's going on. But I'm feeling rather like you--change would be amazing, but it's unclear what change is going to mean. In any case, keeping a good thought for you and yours being okay, and that the outcomes will be good in the short and medium turn for kull ahl baladelba7th.