Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Yaa WAIL!!!!!!!!

In a moment of masochistic curiosity, I calculated how many transcriptions I would need to do a week in order to have all of my data processed by August, and thus spend the year actual writing my dissertation, which is what I should theoretically be doing next year.

The answer is . . . eight! If you have never done transcription, this will not seem so bad.  If you have, you will understand why I panicked and ran for the karkadee margarita ingredients.


  1. Wait, I got distracted by the concept of karkade margaritas. *thinks thoughts about her roommate's Patron stash and her jar of dried hibiscus from the food co-op...*

    Ugh, eight a day? That's awful. Are you in a place where hiring someone to do any of it is feasible? On the plus side, I wrote while still collecting data, and it was not awful. (Actually, for my methods, it worked brilliantly, but this is a place where methods differ.)

  2. Eight a week? You can knock that shit out if you incentivize the process with booze! (Just don't put the cart before the horse, as we are wont do when we panic.)

    Please forgive me for laughing when I read your post title. It's the loghatelba7th equivalent of Heu mihi!

    Now, tell me more about these karkaday margaritas...