Monday, January 24, 2011

Tickets home

My husband bought his plane ticket home.  I already had mine.  We made cat reservations on the plane.  We now have a mid-May departure set from baladelba7th, after two years here.  I feel pretty much exactly how I felt my second year second semester of graduate school: I've finally settled in, and I've started forming my community, and now I'm forsaking it all for a far-off land.

This constant moving (I've spent no more than two years, minus summers, in any given place in the last eleven years, and the last three of these moves have involved oceans) is one reason I crave stability, why I hope against hope for a post-graduation tenure-track job in a place where my husband can also find a job.  Or a non tenure-track, but stable job, something that gives me the time to make my community without leaving when I start to succeed.  Of course, this place must also have lots of loghatelba7th and my type of folk dancing, which are not a typical combination.  Rabbina yusahhil!

Incidentally, a transcription marathon is no way to spend your last four months in a place either--I'm at 2.5 out of 8 transcriptions for the week, after two full days of transcribing :-(

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