Sunday, January 2, 2011

Jet Lag

Even though it is the same number of hours difference, I have much worse jet lag traveling West to East than East to West.  East to West, I simply wake up a few hours early.  West to East, I end up with dreadful sleeping patterns like that of last night: going to sleep at 9:30, waking up at midnight, and not being able to fall back to sleep until 5am, then forcing myself to wake up at 8:30 because I had a computer support appointment at 10:00 which the support person never showed up for.  Grrr.

So now, I am preparing my second cup of coffee and trying to calibrate for the day.  I think I should make some New Years resolutions/goals/plans/whatever.  But really, I just want to finish the book I started during my five hour bout of insomnia . . .


  1. West to East is always brutal for me too. If it lasts for too long, I've had excellent luck with melatonin for a couple of nights to make myself sleepy at the proper time. Coffee is, of course, also helpful but it doesn't assist with my general grumpiness much. :)

  2. Strange: West to East is easy for me, but East to West kicks my butt and creates all the jet-lag weirdness you describe. Layovers can make everything hazy, though.

    It shows where my head is that, when I read this post, my initial reaction to the last line was, "Wow, she's drafting her book already! You go, girl!" I guess there's merit in reading as well as writing books, too. :)