Saturday, December 18, 2010


Phase 3 is finally complete.  Well, minus one survey, but it's online and there's not much I can do about it but wait.  I finished the majority of the data collection Monday night and had one last interview yesterday.  Unfortunately, I was also quite sick until about yesterday with a nasty, nasty cold, and wanted to do nothing other than drink tea and snuggle with my warm kitties.  I still have a lingering cough, but no longer feel like sleeping all day.

I did manage to send off an email to my advisor, asking how should proceed now that Phase 3 is complete.  I desperately hope that the response will not be "more of Phase 3" as I'm not sure I can do it.  It's somewhat of a conundrum--I probably do have enough data to write my dissertation, but I don't want to waste time when I'm actually in baladelba7th, as who knows what the future holds and when I'll be able to return.  If I'm lucky enough to actually get an academic job when I graduate, it likely won't be for a while.  Thus, while spending my next five months focusing on writing would be good for actually completing my dissertation on time as well as my stress levels, I don't want to lost a chance to collect more data that I may not have again.  The flip side argument is that if I could actually get a chance to analyze the data, I could plan future collection better, instead of just getting more of the same.

In any case, my plan until I hear from my advisor is data processing and folk dancing.  The focus on the latter was marred today when I went to the gym and they said they couldn't open the aerobics room because there was maintenance.  Of course, in the 2 hours that I was in the gym angrily doing things other than folk dancing, no maintenance entered the room, and that is enough time for me to do my folk dancing routine twice through . . . hanshuf bokra!

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