Thursday, December 2, 2010

Conference Time

I'm presenting at a conference in medinatelba7r in just over a week.  When I signed up for this conference, it seemed like a great idea--my grad program likes us to present at 1-2 conferences a year, and I wouldn't have to travel much for this one.  But, this means I have to analyze some sort of data, and I just don't have time.  However, I also hate half-assed presentations that are clearly written at the last minute and waste the attendees' time.  So I have to find some time somewhere.  Then again, I'm also the very last presenter on the last day of the conference, and I suspect that the quality of many of the papers will not be particularly high.  Laziness beckons . . .

On an interesting linguistic note, although this conference is about loghtatelba7th, we were told that our presentations had to be in English, because not all attendees would speak loghatelba7th.  I was sort of sad, because I had thought this would be a good opportunity to give a presentation in loghatelba7th.  It also makes me angry and frustrated that you can give a presentation on loghatelba7th without speaking it, even though this happens all the time, and not just with loghatelba7th.

On another interesting linguistic note, there are different conference fees for residents and non-residents of baladelba7th.  Since I have a residence visa, I registered as a resident.  I then got an email from the conference organizer saying "I am afraid resident of baladelba7th means loghatelba7th speaking and affiliated with a  university in baladelba7th." The implication of this being that I could not possibly speak loghatelba7th (based on my name I guess).  So I wrote a rather snide email back in loghatelba7th pointing out that I did in fact speak it and also that I am affiliated with a university here, as this is necessary for my research.  I ended up getting the resident fee, but I'm still annoyed at the organizer.

Perhaps for my presentation I'll give it in English, but leave the loghatelba7th quotes untranslated? Of course this means I need to analyze some data to find quotes to include, and when am I going to do that when I want to spend my precious free time reading blogs and snuggling with cats?

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