Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas Reading

I'm back in baladelba7th! While I was home, I had tons of ideas for good posts that have little to do with my usual complaining and didn't write any of them because I was busy with my post-Christmas reading gluttony.  For me, the days after Christmas are even more exciting than Christmas itself because I get to read all of my Christmas books in a reading feast of a book or two a day.  When I was younger, I felt guilty about reading them all right away, as new books were hard to come by (this was pre-Amazon, and I lived in an area one hour from the nearest bookstore, and that bookstore didn't open until I was in high school anyway).  Once I finished my Christmas reading, I would have no new books until my birthday (thankfully this is in July, so I had two new book occasions a year).  I did make weekly visits to the library, but as you might imagine in a place with no bookstore, the library was not large, and by high school I had read all of the books in the young adult section, most of the mysteries and fiction and had only romance and non-fiction left, which I don't much care for.  So, while I continued to check out books, I was mostly re-reading my favorites, rather than discovering new ones.  Despite this guilt, I always finished my Christmas books within three to four days of Christmas.

Now of course, there is Amazon, and I have a Kindle, which means even in baladelba7th I can get new books to read anytime I want one.  I also have actual incentives to finish my Christmas reading right after Christmas.  One, I don't want to take paper books on the plane to baladelba7th as they will be extra weight coming home.  Second, I don't have as much time to read during the semester as during the holiday.  If I don't finish my books during the holiday, I will read them instead of working during the semester, and this is not a good thing as I do not have the self-control to work for a bit and then read, I will read until I finish the book and just not do my work.  So, a glorious reading fest is a necessity!

That said, I will try to update with my posts about Adventures in Suburban Babyland, the settling question, and more soon!

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  1. I tend to read books immediately and all in one gulp too. It's a wonderful feeling for me - that fluttery excitement as I pick which one to open then losing hours thinking of nothing but a story. So it sounds like a great post-Christmas tradition to me.