Monday, December 13, 2010

Celebrating with the sniffles

Phase 3 is complete in medinatelba7r, and shockingly, there were no last minute changes.  Alas, instead of celebrating, I have come down with a nasty cold, exacerbated by the cold and stormy weather in medinatelba7r.  While I am not the type to stay home in bed with the slightest sniffle, I also try not to do silly things like stand outside in the pouring freezing rain wearing only a light sweater when I can feel a cold coming on.  Alas, I also put fieldwork above my health, and thus I did just that several times over the last few days before getting on the cold late night train home.  I don't quite have the energy to describe how awful it was, but let's just say that it involved cold drafts, shrieking passengers, being too congested to sleep, and taking an hour longer than normal due to flooding.  Not surprisingly, I feel awful today, but must press on to complete Phase 3 in elmedina elkabeera.  Luckily, I could spend most of the day in bed with a snuggly cat, and strong cold medicine is rather more readily available in baladelba7th than at home.

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