Friday, November 5, 2010


Because I miss my folk dancing very much in baladelba7th, this year I joined a gym, primarily because they have a swanky aerobics room complete with mirrors and wooden floors and I thought it would be a nice place to dance.  When signing up for the gym membership, I asked if I could use the aerobics room to practice dance in if there were no classes going on.  I was told, sure no problem as long as you don't use the stereo system.  No problem, I have an Ipod.

Unfortunately, this has not turned out to be as easy as I originally thought, as there are classes that are not on the schedule, and the membership person made a special exception for me apparently, without telling anyone else, so for the first two months I had to argue with people every time I wanted to use the room.  Now, it's mostly not a problem since one of the managers is on my side, but still, sometimes I have to argue, which sort of takes the fun out of dancing and sometimes makes me less than enthusiastic about going to the gym (I don't ever really do much else there, other than dance).

Nevertheless, when I do go, I realize how much I love this dance, and why I'm still doing it, even though there are no competitions in baladelba7th, and most people who do compete quit at a much younger age than I am (like 18-20).  While a folk dance, it is quite technical, and a better work out than anything else I've ever done.  Executing the steps requires a great deal of strength and stamina, and yet you have to make it look effortless (or that is the goal anyways, I'm not quite there yet).

When I finish practicing, I'm exhausted.  By the time I'm walking home, I'm invigorated.  My breaths are deeper.  The stress ball is gone.  I'm isolated from my dance community, but at least I still have the release of dancing.

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